You don’t need to win the lottery to become a millionaire. Below are a few Web sites, people, courses and blogs I follow or that have been shared with me by people like my mentor Patricia Jones in our millionaires-in-the-making quest.


Dan Hollings offers Webinars on how to find products

Stefan James offers a free seven-part class on selling online

Adrian Morrison offers lots of tips and advice. Patricia said she finds his Facebook group useful

Anthony Morrison, Adrian’s brother, likewise offers good advice. He also runs a Facebook group

Jason O’Neil does drop shipping via Amazon. He hosts several YouTube videos explaining how it’s done.


8 steps to launching an ecommerce business  – Obviously there’s more to it, but this article is a great place to start and has some good links.

Pat Flynn hosts a podcast series on passive income definitely worth listening to. This one links to an episode about selling on Amazon

The Selling Family is the featured guests on Pat’s podcast. Here’s a link to the resource page on their Web site, which is worth browsing hosts several free Webinars about all aspects of online selling, especially Amazon

Tips for beginners – from several Amazon successful sellers

Are there any resources you recommend? Please leave them in the comment section below.

Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson

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