A Note From The Changed to The About To Change

There’ so much to tell you, so much you won’t be able to listen to. So I’ll start simple. Overwhelmed, right? Don’t worry, that passes. And the things you’re worried about right now? They won’t come to pass. And even if they do, somehow you survive. You make it to become The Changed. And yes, boy is life about to change in ways big and small.


Scared, right? It’s OK. Just take a deep breath and a look around you. Start picking out the things you like, the things you’re grateful for. For now, concentrate on that. I have a hunch that when you do, the universe finds a way to send you more of that stuff. And even if I’m wrong, it pulls you through the fear. So just try it.


I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but it’s going to take a lot longer than you think. Sure, you have plans, things to accomplish while in the midst of change. Maybe you will. But there’s a good chance you won’t. When you’re changed, you’ll be OK with that. You’ll find peace in veering off course and the chances and opportunities it brings. With the stories you’ll have to tell because of it. Even the friends you’re likely to make because of it.


Will you miss the things you are holding on so tightly to right now? A little. At times, you’ll feel a pang of pain over all you’ve lost. But it’s just a reminder of where you’ve come from and how you’ve learned to let go, not hold so tightly. And that makes you smile, like a rainbow through the raindrops.

It doesn’t matter how you get here: kicking, screaming, ranting, raving or sullen and insolent. You will get here. You will be changed. Forever. And after a spell, you’ll find some gratitude. And then you’ll know you’ve healed.

Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson

Writer. Blogger. Advocate. Breast Cancer Conscript.